DroidKaigi 2020 Lite

Thu, 27 Aug 2020 13:00 - Sat, 29 Aug 2020 13:00 JST
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General Ticket Free
Donation(1,000YEN) ¥1,000 prepaid
Donation(3,000YEN) ¥3,000 prepaid
DroidKaigi 2020 Lite is a charity online event. We're happy for your donation.


About DroidKaigi

DroidKaigi is a developer-first Android conference. It is run by Android developers and we organize this conference to share knowledge and connect with other developers.

We are proud to announce DroidKaigi 2020 Lite, a charity event. You can choose from free registrations and donations. Registrations are at the at the bottom this page.


DroidKaigi 2020 Lite is a 3 day online charity event. During Aug 27 - 29, we will be streaming tech topics through online sessions, fireside chats, and Ask-the-Speaker sessions.

- Online Sessions
- Fireside chat / Ask the Speaker
- Codelabs

The conference will be a two-part event, so everyone involved in mobile technology, both work and fun can enjoy! Both recorded content and live streams will be archived on YouTube, so anyone can join anytime.

Day & Night Sessions / Aug 27 (Thu), 28 (Fri)

Events on work days are split into two parts. Both Day Sessions and Night Sessions will be approx. 2 hours.

Date Day Session (13:00~) Night Session (19:00~)
Aug 27 (Thu) Tech Sessions Fireside chat, Ask the Speaker
Aug 28 (Fri) Tech Sessions Fireside chat, Ask the Speaker

Day Sessions will feature technical sessions, much like the DroidKaigi conference. (We are preparing a system like Netflix Party, so that everyone can enjoy the sessions simultaneously)

Night Sessions will feature an online show like DroidKaigi On Air, where there will be questions, comments, and predictions with guests about the topics brought up that day.

Hands-on / Aug 29 (Sat)

Saturday will be about using the Android technology!

We’ll invite you to a Discord, as we’ll have some codelabs ready for you to write, solve, and complete together! Online support will be ready, so even if you’re new to Android, we can troubleshoot problems over shared screens and video chat. Everyone is welcome!


For details, check the Sessions section of the official website.

How to Attend and/or Donate

DroidKaigi 2020 Lite is a charity event. Attendance is free, but we are accepting donations as well. Your contributions will be used to run current and future DroidKaigi activities.

In case we need to contact you, please register via Doorkeeper.

Ticket Type Donation Amount Perks
Normal Attendance Free None
Donation (Name) 1,000 yen Your name on our Special Thanks list
Donation (Badge) 3,000 yen Your name on our Special Thanks list + Receive DroidKaigi Lite swag (DroidKaigi 2020 Lite Tin Badge)

- Be sure to subscribe to the DroidKaigi YouTube channel beforehand.
- We will notify you once websites and sessions go live.
- For details, check our official website.
- If you wish to receive badges, we will ask you for a delivery address via email / form.
- Tickets are non-refundable, even for accidental purchases, so please be careful when purchasing them.
- As a general rule, we do not issue receipts. If you need one, please use the receipt issued by Doorkeeper or a statement issued by your credit card company.

Other Precautions

- Sessions will be recorded and uploaded at a later date (You can re-watch them later).
- We are not able to answer inquiries via Doorkeeper. If you have any questions, please contact us at
- Though this event will be held online, the DroidKaigi Code of Conduct will still apply. Please give it a read beforehand, and follow them so that the conference can be a productive place for everyone attending.

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Items Content
Seller DroidKaigi Association
Representative Masahiro Hidaka @mhidaka
Location Comfort Ueno 501, 2-8-4 Kita-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 050-5275-3602
Contact Information Support Email Address:
Product and Price Donation 1000 yen, 3000 yen
Additionally Required Surcharges None
Payment method Stripe
Cancellations Tickets are non-refundable, even for cancellations


Can I receive deductions for donations?

No. The DroidKaigi Association is not an entity eligible for donation deductions, so you will not receive tax benefits. These donations will simply reduce money in your wallet.

Do donations have consideration?

No. The badges are gifted to you as a form of our gratitude (they are not expensive in value), and are not meant to provide any special services and/or discounts. If perks are to have anything of value, it will become hard to prove that there are no considerations, which is crucial for donations. This is why we chose tin badges, so you can hang them in your house or wear them.

How will the donations be used?

Donations can be categorized into two types: those that don’t limit usage and designated donations. Donations for this event don’t limit usage. They will be used as needed to continue the activities of DroidKaigi, so they might become staff lunches, or stationary costs, such as copying and paper.

In the future, if donations become more popular in the industry, it may be interesting to be able to designate donations to things such as speaker travel fees. We made this choice because this is our first try at running a charity event, and we saw the risk of not being able to enforce and manage the designated usages.

I want to donate more!

Thank you! We understand that your affiliation (students etc) may vary, so please make sure your contributions don’t break the bank. We considered opening donations to our bank account, but we decided to pass this time. However, we will have YouTube Super Chat on for the charity event!

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About DroidKaigi DroidKaigi is a developer-first Android conference. It is run by Android developers and we organize this conference to share knowledge and connect with other developers. For deta...

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